How to not skip your workout

Hello babes, I hope you’re having a wonderful week start and are not in anyway lagging behind in your workout routines for the week, but if you’re, this post is for you.

I know it’s much easier to push the workout to “the next day” than having to deal with it immediately, been there too! The mere thought of how tough it’s going to be; running short of breath and not feeling your arms anymore, that’s the problem.

Honestly, getting up to workout isn’t hard at all, come to think of it, it’s the thought of how out of control your breath was during the 10th repetition of set 3 from the previous workout that’s stopping you from training again, it’s like how the mere smell of a certain whisky reminds me of the worst hangover in history, I chose to attach the whisky to that hangover because of one bad time.

Try moving focus from that moment when you had hit max to how you feel at the start; all the vigor and positive attitude, that’s what will get you up and rolling.

Don’t overthink it, just get up and do it. Stop thinking of everything you have to perform if you choose to squeeze in a workout for the day. As soon as you think of it, just get up and do it!

Like Mr. Obama said, do it first thing in the morning so it’s out of the way. I agree with this on all levels; get it out of the way so it doesn’t have to stick around nagging on your mind plus I feel like the brain isn’t fully functional when we’ve just woken up so chances of it overthinking the whole routine are minimal [there is no research to back me up on this but think about it, we’ve all had those moments in the morning where we’re not fully switched on, right?]

In conclusion, keep focus on the good bits of the workout, yes am aware that it might be the mirror selfie you post on Snapchat but if it gets you through the routine, am game for it just like I’ve always been even without reason lol

PS: am typing this amidst a 7 minute low plank, trying to practice what I preach lol

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Beaucoup d’amour

Cissy Nansera


11 thoughts on “How to not skip your workout

  1. This is awesome motivation, I completely agree – sometimes it’s easier to just not think about and do it – as soon as you start to overthink and analyze, there are a million reasons not to do it. This really extends to so many other areas of life and business, so I think adopting the mindset of getting it done and out of the way is helpful as it’s focused and direct. Thanks for sharing!

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      1. You are welcome 😊. Your blog is really awesome and inspiring. You have a great gift within you.Please continue blogging and inspire people around you 😊. And if you can please do visit my blog and let me know about it. It would be really helpful 😊. This is the link to my blog


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