Be you, do you! Self acceptance is everything

Hey babes, I’ve got 2 questions for you; do you accept yourself for who you are? Be honest, do you really accept your flaws and appreciate your beauty beyond physical appearance? Personally I didn’t realise how easy it is to give up on who you are and succumb to trying to live up to society’s unrealistic standards until I looked in the mirror and asked myself these questions.

We tend to work on our “flaws” instead of accentuating our beauty, what we don’t realise is that most of these things can’t be changed so we are always in constant battle. 

On the contrary, life gets easier with self acceptance because with acceptance comes control. From a point of experience, we improve after recognising who we are; you cannot be a better version of yourself when you don’t even know who yourself is. Right?

Are you there already? If the answer isn’t yes, here are a few tips that you could use to jumpstart your self acceptance journey;

1-Be aware that we are all different individuals co existing and in need of each other to survive, the world needs your unique features to make a difference, don’t try to bring to the table what it already has.

2-Don’t expect and assume for other people, this puts unnecessary pressure on them and if the roles were reversed, you wouldn’t want that either.

3-Encourage and accept others for who they’re and in turn they might reciprocate, if they don’t, you are already cable of accepting others, how hard can it be to accept yourself?

4-Always approach and do everything with love and passion, it will never feel like you’re trying so hard.

Good luck, please share your thoughts with me on this topic in the comment section.
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Beaucoup d’amour 

Cissy Nansera


2 thoughts on “Be you, do you! Self acceptance is everything

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