Like a hula hoop

Hello babes, today am sharing a super fun workout you and your friends should try out, it totally works and did I mention it’s not boring at all! Hula hooping

If you don’t know what hula hooping is, it’s simply the act of twirling a hoop either around your waist, neck or legs and some times arms.

I first encountered hula hoops at age 7 at a sports day and I thought it was awesome the girls doing it were moving so fast and did it swimmingly I thought I could instantly do it. Boy was I wrong! 

Hooping involves a lot of muscle engagement especially the core and external obliques making it one of the easiest and most fun ab workouts to do and that’s why it recently got my attention again. 

It’s also a good way to strengthen the spine because it involves a lot of spine motion back and forth making the spine more flexible

Btw you can also get a good cardio session from it when you increase speed in movement making it a certified calorie burner 

Why I like it so much, it can be done with friends and involves a lot of waist movement ya know… like a belly dancer. Ps: no age limit for as long as you can stand on your 2 feet firmly:) 

If you’re new to hula hooping, simply step one foot in front of the other to gain balance then with the hoop against your torso, spin it around your waist with your hands then start moving your waist round and round and round you go like…. easy peasy right?

For best benefits, I recommend 15 minutes on each side [clockwise and anti clockwise]Now get yourself a fun squad and music then start going round and round with your hula hoops, please let me know of your experience and remember persistence is key!

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Beaucoup d’amour 

Cissy Nansera


3 thoughts on “Like a hula hoop

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