Fitness with Nutritech Premium pure whey

Hello beautiful people, so I got me a new accessory that am very excited to share with you. Given my lifestyle, it wasn’t an option really and it’s turned out to be the best accessory by far. Btw, it’s not from Tiffany’s… It’s the Nutritech premium pure whey. 

In my line of work, lazy days are a no no #nodaysoff lol and let’s be honest, it’s hard to meet the required daily protein intake the body demands without the help of supplements but it’s even harder to find a trustworthy protein blend. Luckily, the the team at colab Nutrition Uganda gave me a sample of the nutritech premium pure whey to try and am hooked! This is a good value for money!

 First I put into consideration the nutritional value, this protein blend contains all three types of protein; whey concentrate, whey isolate and whey hydrolysate. The body requires approximately 24g of protein per day which is exactly what the nutritech premium pure whey contains per 30g serving, score! This blend is also a legit source of amino acids with 2.9g per serving!
Day 1 of taking this protein and it’s positive effects were instantly felt, my body wasn’t as exhausted, my unnecessary cravings were shut down at once, this was different and boy was my fitness performance sky rocketing!  
Also I love that it mixes well with liquid, nothing goes to waste by clumping at the bottom, it all mixes swimmingly. Score!

Of course my favorite thing about this protein blend is the flavors, these guys have a variety of flavors to cater for everyone’s palette mine being banana and when I feel like spicing things up abit, chocmint, strawberry, vanilla, American ice cream soda and passion are on the menu as well.
Do I recommend this protein blend? 99%

FOMO kicked in? Get a 15% discount by using code Ethereal15 

Location: City gym, Kampala boulevard plaza 

Facebook: Colab Nutrition Uganda

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Beaucoup d’amour 

Cissy Nansera


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