Say goodbye to Sunday couch depression

Sometimes my week is so busy that all I long for is being a couch potato and binge watch 007, but that time usually comes around on Sunday. It’s such a good feeling, for a moment. Later in the afternoon everything takes a sudden change and what was previously relaxing turns into depression and anxiety, famously referred to as Smonday. 

Am I the only one who experiences this every time I spend hours on the couch watching TV? And btw sometimes when I go swimming on the drive back home, I start feeling it. Suddenly I feel so alone, meanwhile social media is no refuge checking Snapchat feels like the whole world is sharing happiness and purposely excluding me…  

Good news is for the past two months, my Sundays have totally been different, “they” say “if you don’t like how it makes you feel, do something about it” that’s exactly what I did, I got creative and it worked! Instead of sitting on the couch and letting depression get the very best of me, I got passive-active and I thought I should share.

Prepare your wardrobe for the week. I literally planned and organized the week’s seven ensembles, following the weather forecast of course keeping in mind that in the course of the week, additions are a possibility and changes are inevitable [weather is like a fickle god] but it felt like I was loading off some of the week’s weight which made me less anxious about the week. 

Take an evening walk. This is something I picked up at the peak of my Steve Jobs obsession faze and it has turned out to be so rewarding. [read the biography twice] take evening walks to keep company with the mind, it’s hard to really get distracted from your mind for long while on a walk, you get to see a lot of beautiful scenery which some how is a breeding ground for creativity. Evening walks show you what a beautiful thing life is and make you look forward to more.

Plan out your week. Yes I know life sometimes doesn’t go according to plans but seriously this is worth trying because it gives you a sense of direction. It helps you do something constructive in your free time as opposed to being idle for long. Being idle isn’t a bad thing only if it’s kept at minimal, the brain could use a little time out for sure but also your free time is the time you get to do the things you love, so schedule them for this time

Read a fictional book. As opposed to having your eyes glued on the screen, get deep into some good reads, stay away from the depressants, you don’t need this on Sunday. Personally I prefer reading books to watching movies because with books, your mind runs wild drawing up all these images yet with movies everything is played out, you don’t have the kind of freedom. You have with books.

Meditate. When the anxiety kicks in, escape from the world a little to get back to zen. Clear your mind and set your intentions for the week, they should all be good intentions. This will make you look forward to the week because it will be time to execute. Read more about the benefits of meditation here

Try these tricks and let me know what you think in the comment section.

Crochet: Nina Mire

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Beaucoup d’amour 

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