Balling on a budget staycation notes

Living in the city is as fun as it is tough, everything happens so fast, rush hour accompanied by noise pollution is the order of service. From early morning meetings to brunch and later sacrificing four hours off sleep for cocktail tastings every other night, thank God for sunglasses! It’s no doubt chaotic but if you’re a city born you know deep down you love it, the whole vibe gives you a blood rush, but what happens when you get a brain freeze in the middle of your very beloved busy city life? Staycation! [on a budget]

I love staycations, especially if they’re with friends because ummm shared costs so no one has to weaken their economic muscles but still you get to relax and one thing for sure, you make the best memories! 

To minimize costs, get your own car, have a squad member as a designated driver but if no one volunteers, you can take turns or rock-paper-scissors lol, this saves the cost of hiring a driver. Remember you’re balling on a budget. 

When choosing a destination, consider places open to the concept of carrying your own food and drinks, it’s usually cheaper cooking for yourselves than buying food from the facility.

Meanwhile during your staycation, you should consider putting your phone in flight mode, you will appreciate it upon return, I kid you not. There is something about being a little oblivious of banal city life that’s so refreshing!

What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get away from “everything you’ve ever known” just for a while, you need it.Location: Saranac


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Beaucoup d’amour 
Cissy Nansera


6 thoughts on “Balling on a budget staycation notes

  1. Have had numerous stay cations with friends and I don’t regret it. We hire rides from Matooke Tours plus the driver. So far covered Eastern and Western Uganda districts on a budget and it’s really fun.

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