Simple warmups that you can do before any workout 

Hello beautiful people,

Quick question-how long does your warmup last before you delve into your workout sessions? If you answer is less than 5 minutes or not at all, this blogpost is mainly for you.A warmup is a gentle exercise you perform before doing your intended workout. It’s almost or actually the same as the intended exercise just less intense. 

It’s easy to fore go warmups especially when time is against you but in whatever you do, don’t skip the warmup, it’s like skipping breakfast… yeah that bad! 

A warmup is like your wingman, it will give you a daft of your whole workout routine by letting you in on the body’s current status [injuries or no injuries?]

It’s also your immediate motivator to go ham in your workout session lol 

I complied a few warmups that you could incorporate in your routines, totally worthy. Watch the video to find out there benefits and why am addicted to them and if you like it, please let me know and also subscribe by clicking on the icon

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Beaucoup d’amour 

Cissy Nansera


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