Swimming, a forever tropical trend

Hello beautiful people, 

For the love of bright afternoons and cool feels a lot of us go to the swimming pool just to chill, sip margaritas and take cool pictures for the gram #bodygoals

I love the pool, so in true tropical style, I often make my way there, not only because it’s an excuse to wear the tiniest piece of clothing I own but it’s also a much more fun place to do cardio, if you’ve tried running you know how challenging having to deal with whatever the road throws in your face can be. 

Swimming is one of the coolest and easiest exercises you can ever do but because it’s a relaxing activity, we tend to forget it’s fitness and health benefits.

When you’re swimming, your body is moving against water thus building muscle strength, strong muscles are the new black, it’s not adorable to be weak anymore!

Also the faster you go, the higher your heart rate, cardio? Check! 

The more you swim, the longer you hold your breathe which builds endurance and because it’s such a relaxing activity, it reduces stress!

So the next time you go to the pool, obvs first take the gram pictures; you don’t want to take them looking pale, story of my life! Then proceed to doing some laps before sipping the margaritas, they taste better knowing that you’ve actually earned them. I recommend ten laps but you can start small, five laps:)

Ps: don’t forget your sun screen, it could easily turn into a horror story without it!

Bikini: Nina Mirembe

Location: Sheraton hotel Kampala

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Beaucoup d’amour 
Cissy Nansera


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