Très Citrus smoothie recipe 

Two loves are constantly 100% in my life, self love and my love for citrus, I kid you not! As the day changes from clear mornings to bright afternoons and later to calm evenings, #tropicalliving so does my citrus consumption [in a perfect world,] it would change from plain grapefruit and oranges to mimosas and Citrusy cocktail and margaritas by the night but that’s too much alcohol to be consuming every day so I keep it to once in a while, yes, I too indulge. If I ever lack any nutrient in my body it will not be vitamin C for sure! To prove my love for citrus, here is a citrus smoothie for you to try, 

 Half a grapefruit 

One lemon

One table spoon of chia seeds

One table spoon of flax seeds

Half a glass of coconut milk 

One Apple

One tangerine 

Do try it and I shall be delighted upon your opinion in the comment section. 

CAUTION: If you have gastrointestinal problems, this smoothie isn’t for you, too acidic!!!! 
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Beaucoup d’amour 

Cissy Nansera


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