Garlic, Turmeric and ginger #tripplethreat

Hello beautiful people, so over the years, I have been struggling with detox months, thirty one days is such a commitment! Tougher on me because my favorite boujee is an occasional glass of Sauvignon blanc or Pinot Grigio if am feeling delicate. Too much? Well…

Not so long ago, an idea popped in my head, why not zealously commit to a simple body cleanse every last week of the month, at the end of the year that’s three months of cleanse right?

To jumpstart this in my opinion genius idea, I ate fresh garlic, turmeric and ginger in that order for a whole week and honestly the results were amazing! 

I always chewed the garlic first because of its pungent taste and aroma followed by turmeric to calm the tongue before taking on super spicy ginger 

Yes as you can imagine my chopping board and nails adopted a new golden hue thank you turmeric but on the upside I didn’t have to consider breaking a bank for the 00th time all in the pursuit of healthy living. 

The ginger effect was most felt in my respiratory system. There was a good burning sensation it felt like light spreading in my chest. Occasionally, I feel a blockage in my trachea especially if I go long without running but for the first time in ages it felt so clear even without a cardio fix!

The ginger also helped with the occasional soreness, you don’t need my biography to know my struggle with muscle soreness thanks to my high maintenance brain [it’s easily bored so my routines are always taking different corners.] For over six months the one muscle I had struggled with the most was the right back muscle, well, not anymore thank you ginger

At the start of the detox week, I was ambivalent about garlic because of its strong aroma that never knows when to stop but having it first before the other super foods followed by mouth wash got rid of the aroma, so nothing to worry about just enjoy the goodness

My skin looked super gorgeous, I will give most of this credit to the turmeric. As you may know turmeric takes no prisoners [acne] when it comes to clearing the skin whether applied directly on the skin or nourishing from with in.

I also performed better in my fitness routines and was more active during the day and to top it off, I slept better in the night.

Beyond what I could immediately notice, because these super foods are packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, they protect the liver and kidney, slow down aging, aid weight loss, boost immunity the list is endless hey they’re super foods but what I did notice was all my money that stayed in my bank account lol

I highly recommend trying this and you don’t have to be over zealous like I was, you can add all the three to your cucumber + carrot smoothie. For the recipe, Click here

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Beaucoup d’amour 

Cissy Nansera


8 thoughts on “Garlic, Turmeric and ginger #tripplethreat

  1. Awesome tips, thank you so much for sharing! I wish I could eat garlic (it really upsets my stomach, sadly – even though I really like it!) but the turmeric and ginger are amazing! My hubby always adds them to our morning fresh-squeezed juices 🙂


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