My banal makeup routine #Glowgoals

When I ask people what their signature look is, they never discuss it beyond sartorial choices which I guess is understandable they don’t want to be “pigeonholed” but for me, developing a signature look is like a wild adventure. It includes hair, makeup, nails, workout preference, decor, Instagram aesthetic you name it! 
Over the years my signature look has been evolving and am proud to say I don’t look back at any step and wonder what I was thinking…. okay maybe just a little 

To develop a look, you need to have core principles set that link each part of your life into a unique lifestyle more like a blood line lol.

I will be breaking down mine for you here hopefully you will be able to link it all. Please share yours too in the comment section. 

Today I am sharing my signature day time makeup look which I developed putting into consideration rush hour, impromptu meetings, community diversity and the famous #IWokeUpLikeThis, but in a believable way lol… 

What better way to do that than “je ne sais quoi?” #Gallicchic. For sure I love a fresh hydrated look so I keep my routine clean, bare and glowy, hello flawless sunrise/sunset selfies, I finish off the look with a nude lipstick by the day and what I like most about this look is I don’t necessarily have to redo it if I suddenly have to go for happy hour, I just add a red lipstick and pronto to the bar! 


Mac prep + prime fix: This is my go to for a glowy, dewy face, I always use it with or without makeup

Mac Ellie Goulding I’ll hold my breath blush duo: This is by far my favorite blush! So effortless and blends in with any skin color. 

Mac eye liner gel: I have been using gel liner for four years now and ever since I embarked, I have never looked back. I just love using a brush to draw liner it’s my Michelangelo moment and this one stays all day!

Mac ruby woo matte: It’s no secret am always trying to emulate the Parisian style and like a lot of people I am not scoring 100% but that’s okay I have a red lipstick that stays all day to comfort me and make me feel a step closer to Je ne sais quoi!

Mac studio fix: Is it just me or is this every girl’s holy grail? This spray is literally on the go; quick, effective and small enough to fit in all my handbags. That’s all I ask for:)

Cover girl professional super thick lash: It’s no lie, this mascara delivers exactly what the bottle says, love it!

Urban decay Naked 3: I eat, pray, love this palette. To be more specific mugshot, it is so bare and brightens the eyes. It’s basically there without being there literally!

Revlon super lustrous lipstick Rum raisin: This lipstick was heaven sent, literally! So one of the ladies I train [fitness] bought it on a plane only to open and it’s not what she wanted but it’s what I wanted the perfect nude!

LA girls concealer toffee: To be honest I have never tried any other concealer, this was the first one and it hasn’t given me reasons to wander, am one of the loyal ones people:)

Sleek brow kit: This kit is my baby, who am I without my eye brows? I don’t know! I love how the gel has a strong impact and the powder just gives off an effortless finish.

Real techniques brushes: I have had these babies for 4 years now and they are still as good as new. 

Meleah African black soap: so recently I discovered this amazing black soap saved me from the makeup remover wipes and recently I ran out of brush cleanser so I tried it because it foams lather and boy did it get the job done? In 2 secs I tell you, it’s a treasure

Brush egg: I honestly spend so much time on my mani-pedi to be ruining it with deep brush cleaning you know how painful that is! So I just did the lazy thing and invested in this brush egg thing, turns out it was the wise thing to do too

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Beaucoup d’amour,

Cissy Nansera



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