The stability ball full body routine

Hello beautiful people, did you know you can achieve a full workout with just the use of a stability ball in the comfort of your home? Such a convenient yet inexpensive way to get your body goals in formation!

I put together a stability ball routine for you, as you may know, most ball exercises require use of the abs because in order to achieve a successful repetition, you must be in control of the ball and the only way you can keep the ball steady is by engaging first the abs, then the quadriceps. 

It might look clumsy and bouncy but make no mistake, this simple ball will deliver. Keep scrolling for my stability ball routine that you should totally try.

Ab stretch [3 sets, 10 reps]:

Why? Abs

How? Starting in a kneeling position with arms on the ball, move your upper body forward leading with the ball and then back to the starting point

Plank to down dog [3 sets, 10 reps]:

Why? Abs and core strengthening 

How? Starting in plank with your feet on the ball and palms down right below the shoulders, use your abs and core to move the ball to the middle thus forming a downward facing dog-esque then back to plank

If your having your periods ladies, skip this one.

Squats [3 sets, 10 reps]: 

Why? For the love of a toned butt and thigh gap

How? Put the ball between a wall and your lower back, then with your feet hip distance apart, lower your body to a 90 degrees angle. Make sure your knees are in line with your angles and not over your toes. Hold the squat for 3-5 seconds then back up and repeat

Push-ups [3 sets, 10 reps]: 

Why? Mainly for your triceps but the core too benefits. 

How? Starting with your legs firmly on the ball get into high plank position then bend your elbows and lower your body down then push back up that’s 1 rep. 

Sit-ups[3 sets, 10 reps]: 

Why? Hello 6 pack #abgoals

How? with your lower back lying on the ball and your feet steady on the floor, lift your upper back half way with use of the core and then back down.

Knees-to-elbows[3 sets, 10 reps]:

Why? Triceps and abs

How? Starting in a plank position, with your feet on the ball, bend your knees and move them forward to meet your elbows hold for 5 seconds and then push them back to plank position that’s 1

Leg lifts[ 3 sets, 10 reps]:

Why? Quadriceps and abs

How? Lying on your back with the ball between your ankles, lift your lower body up to form a 90 degrees angle and then slowly back down. Your legs should be straight for maximum effect and your core fully engaged.

Bridge[3 sets, 10 reps]: 

Why? Core and abs

How? Lying on your back, with arms besides the body and feet on the ball lift your upper body to form a straight and slowly bring it back down with full control one veterbrate at a time and repeat. This fully engages the core and somewhat relaxing I love it!

Back stretch [ 1-2 minutes]: 

Why? This is a very relaxing yet effective exercise for the back especially during tough times when a massage budget is unattainable. 

How? Just keep rolling on the ball back and forth, I always do it at the end of the routine, gets the heart rate back to normal.

Ps: Rep stands for repetition, a complete repetition is movement from the starting point to the end point and then back to the starting point.

10 repetitions make up 1 set, 3 sets means 30 repetitions taking a 5 second break every after 10 repetitions. 

Try and let me know how you feel after in the comment section.

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Beaucoup d’amour,

Cissy Nansera


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