Green goodness smoothie 

Hello beautiful people, finally I present to you my day 3 smoothie recipe, I call it green goodness! I have 7 smoothie recipes that I take every week and each smoothie is attached to a day. I sometimes add one ingredient or 2 but below are the basics.

Spinach: As you may know, the dark the greens, the higher the nutritional value, spinach is a staple for my green smoothie recipe, say the star, yes definitely the star! 

Lettuce: To be honest, I never really turn to lettuce for nutritional benefits unless it’s hydration. Lettuce among other greens ranks low on nutritional value but when it comes to water, its at top with 96% water content and given my water consumption struggle, I happily settle for it

Coconut water: I have always said, when I get rich, I will ditch basic water for coconut water. That’s the one thing I will spend my money on. Unlike coconut, coconut water is low in calories and has a high potassium content, given my salt problem [ I used to almost eat it with everything] the potassium helps balance out sodium. Score! 

Rosemary: Aka old man sure has many health benefits but the prominent one to me is it’s anti-fungal factor. Yes people Rosemary fights “the” infections!

Mint: This popular herb is no doubt my number one go to for fresh breathe [ I have been eating a lot of garlic lately but that’s a story for another time] aside from that, it relieves the respiratory system and for matters of the skin, say goodbye to acne 

Chia seeds and flax seeds [super foods]: These skinnies are naturally gluten free and a good source of fiber, omega-3 fatty acids and protein [energy] and no doubt they are a weight loss agent too

Pineapple: Aside from the obv “I can tell you been eating your pineapples- usher” they are high in vitamin C which is good for eye health and glowing skin [got me on glowing skin lol] 

2 leaves spinach 

leaves lettuce 

Half cup of mint leaves

1 tablespoon chia seeds

1 tablespoon flaxseeds 

1 slice pineapple to taste

Half glass coconut water [fresh coconut water is better than bottled]

Enjoy, don’t forget to snap it and tag me:)

All veggies and fruits are from Nakasero farmers market and the seeds are from Healthy -U limited 
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Beaucoup d’amour,
Cissy Nansera


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