Lazy day workout routine anyone?

We all have those today I don’t feel like doing anything days like nothing at all but stay in sweat pants, get hooked on a ratchet reality show [currently obsessed with vanderpump rules] and eat pizza with extra cheese. The only movement you’re up for is bed-to-couch only to get depressed in the evening like it’s just another lonely Sunday. The mere thought of working out makes you paint a health issues free world, paradise! I mean who has the energy for that? Well not with these exercises, they require little to no movement and they get the job done!

Plank [1-10 minutes depending on your endurance level]: This exercise is known to be the king of workouts; it works your back, core and arms mainly but also your legs yet all it requires is endurance, you don’t have to move back and forth which is perfect for slow day

How: starting in a push-up position with your arms right below your shoulders and back stretched forming a straight line to your ankles, tuck-in your stomach and hold for as long as possible.
Wall sits [1-5 minutes depending on your endurance lève]: Totally idle exercise from the outside, you might even look like an idiot in the eyes of a passerby but make no mistake, this exercise is very effective especially for the quadriceps and abs. Wall sits are actually a staple for footballers. #Thighgap

How: standing 2-3 feet away from a wall, slide your body down until your knees are at a 90 degrees angle. Your knees should be right above your ankles and your back straight on the wall/ tree 

Leg lifts [3 sets, 10 reps]:As you may know, any exercise that involves leaving my head chill on the ground will always have a special place in my heart and that’s what leg lifts are mostly about, they require use of the core and quadriceps.

How: lying on your back with your palms on your face, [this is to avoid any unintended use of arm support] raise your legs with knees straight and toes together 

Bridge [3 sets, 10 reps]: on top of letting your head rest on the floor, bridge is a one way trip [ you only involve strength when lowering your hips back to the ground] yet very beneficial to your abs, butt and lower back.

How: Starting in a lying position with your legs hip distance apart right next to your butt, stretch out your arms to touch the ankles then lift the hips up to form a straight line with your back

Side leg raises[3 sets, 10 reps on each side] These are mostly for toning your hips.

How: lying straight on the left side of the body with right hip right above the left and right arm stretched up, raise your straight right leg to meet the arm and then back down. Ditto for the right side 

Uttanasana/ Forward fold: I LOVE forward fold, this is my fastest and easiest beauty routine. Beauty routine because it positions your heart right above your head increasing blood flow to your face and brain [hello face glow] but beyond beauty, forward fold stretches out your whole body. For more beauty poses, click here

How: starting in an up right standing position with feet hip distance apart, interlace your fingers behind your back and fold your upper body from the hips leading with your chin

So there you have it, a routine that covers arms, legs, core, heart and brain with just subtle movement, you better work now no more excuses!

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Beaucoup d’amour
Cissy Nansera


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