Not your basic snacks 

Nothing is as fulfilling as a yummy snack packed with healthy goodness, it’s like the 2 for 1 offer at your favorite sartorial store right? Keep scrolling for my top 5 healthy snacks.

Avocado on toast: Ditch your basic bread spread for avocado and blueberries. Aside from the healthy fact that avocado contains unsaturated fat [good fats] which render brain boost fused with the king of antioxidants blueberries, this snack is very pleasant on the tongue. Gluten free bread [spelt bread] from brood

Carrots and cucumber with hummus: This is my favorite of them all, crunchy, fresh and watery, I actually close my eyes to focus the taste sense even more. In addition to the simple truth that carrots and cucumber improve eyesight, carrots are a key player for skin glow goals and cucumber being 96% water, what better way to hydrate? Dip them in gluten free hummus and you will never look back I tell you. Hummus from brood

Mango and yogurt: If you know me then you know my life long love affair with mangoes both raw and rip, I will take them all. If you’re not a fan of this super fruit, here is your new FOMO brief: vitamin A, C, E, copper, compounds…. it’s endless! In English, clear skin, healthy gut, improved eye sight, wrinkle-free, good hair you name it! There is a reason mango is named the king of fruits. I like to fuse it with organic yogurt and sprinkle some flaxseeds on top #Saltbae

Organic eggs with anything: I don’t usually cook but when I do, eggs are on the menu! Hard boiled, soft, poached, scrambled, omelette whichever style you choose, am up for it. Does it even count as breakfast if eggs are absent? Not in my household! This is my number 1 go to for protein, eggs provide 20% of your required daily protein intake ladies and 17% for you gents

Water: Drinking water is so boring I know! unless… yes there is another way, give it character by squeezing in a half lemon and a spoon full of chia seeds, wait a minute for the seeds to soak before you drink it. Personally I can’t go a day without eating chia seeds, this super food is a cancer fighting agent and your gut’s best friend! [jump on the wagon already] Chia seeds from Health food stores at acacia mall

Photography: Tweny moments 

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Beaucoup d’amour 

Cissy Nansera


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