A minimalist ‘s hair diary 

It’s been a year and a half since I embarked on my natural hair journey and boy has it been tough! Well, only in the beginning. If you’re a curly hair kind of girl, you know what I mean, it takes dedication, patience and much love. 

As promised, today am spilling the secrets to the successful soft healthy Afro I proudly wear and if history has been any indication, you get what you give with hair. 

For hair care routine, the golden rule is: before it goes into my hair, it goes for a screening on the skin. If it’s good enough for the skin then it’s sure damn good enough for the hair. Why? Because the skin is the most sensitive body organ, hair on the other hand….I always try to stick with organic and edible products. Full disclosure, my number one supply for hair products is the kitchen

Homemade hair treatment 15 minutes; sunflower oil, coconut milk, lemon, egg white, soda bicarbonate, avocado and honey. I personally curated this mix with three main aims; moisturise, soft and full volume which basically sums up healthy hair.

Shea butter oil; Naturally my hair is far from soft and this oil is known for its soft touch which makes it my number one go to. Also, it’s quite heavy, this is amazing especially if you’re a “busy” kind of person, you could go three days without oiling again 

Coconut oil; This must be a staple in every kitchen, it’s benefits are overwhelming! It’s my go to for a shiny finish and it’s also a growth stimulant. Coconut oil is also a better score than Shea butter oil if you’re looking for something rather light. That being said, the scent is addictive! 

Detangling spray; This is a must have for every curly hair girl! To avoid breakage and pain, always comb your hair damp which is exactly what a detangling spray does 

Blow dryer; tempting as it maybe to give your hair a blow out every other day, ground yourself to once a week. The heat de-moisturises and dehydrates the hair

Shampoo; I always try to stick to a less chemical shampoo because the soda bicarbonate I put in the treatment does most of the job anyway 

When it comes to matters of the hair, I like to keep it minimal, that was the whole point of me abdicating relaxed hair. You’re very welcome to try it and more suggestions are welcome. 
Gown: Victoria’s Secret| shampoo: Organics| Detangler: Jamaican Mango & Lime| Blow dryer: Babyliss
Photography: Tweny Moments 

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Beaucoup d’amour,

Cissy Nansera


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