Are you slowly slipping off the 2017 wellness master plan?

If you’re indeed doing so then this post couldn’t have come at a better time. Don’t beat  yourself about it, you’re not the only one it’s been such a struggle on my side too. It’s been a battle field keeping up with my 2017 wellness goals and honestly, by this time of the year am more like to hell with this I don’t need such negativity in my life but 2017, am so determined to see my goals through. In an era where trump is president and Britain is leaving the EU, it’s obviously up to each one of us to bring the goodness within us. And as much as it is a struggle atleast am getting 80/100 every time I compare and contrast. Keep scrolling for tips on how to keep the real struggle going.

 Write it down; This is a tip I got from management accounting lecturers [ACCA comes in handy] first of all draw your year plan. Yes I know you’re thinking life never goes according to plan, it could go south but if you look deep into it, that’s the whole point of the plan! it’s like a guide and every time it doesn’t go as expected, analyze and see where you went off the trail, assess whether you still want to go down the new trail and if not then get back on the initial trail. Without a plan then how the fuck will you get off the wrong trail? You don’t even know if it’s wrong! So make the plan. After writing down the “corporate plan” break it down to the “tactical plan” say you want to be a plank queen, you could say 24 hours of plank for a year, 2 hours a month , 30 minutes a week which means you have to plank for 5 minutes a day! If you’re an iPhone user, your notes and reminder apps should be your best friends. 

Stay positive; After writing your plan down, it should be your guide to everyday life like literally. When you wake up in the morning this should be the base of setting your intentions for the day and keep in mind that things can wrong sometimes but it’s important to stay positive and perseverance is key, don’t beat yourself up just because you couldn’t run 2 miles, tomorrow is another day

Keep quite; While at it, keep quiet unless you really have to talk about it otherwise don’t and this is not because people will replicate [ I don’t believe by plucking your petals they can become you] or people will not wish you well or blah blah blah… I say keep it on the low low because telling people is a victory in it’s self because they will praise your plan. Science has proven that if you tell people your plans, you feel satisfied and fully achieved which also means no need to keep going since naturally we all seek approval from certain people. It’s not witchcraft like most of my dear sisters and brothers call it, it’s psychology 

Be your own cheerleader; Now just because you’re zipped about your plan doesn’t mean you should be so hard on yourself, celebrate your little victories pat your back because honey until the year ends, it’s just you yourself and you and as a human being you naturally need a cheerleader to keep going. Say your goal is to lose a pound by the end of the week, if you achieve it, have a glass of wine or order fries [am assuming you already know that diets are nothing but bullshit, portion control and embarking on an 80/20 plan is the truth and the 20 is for indulgence]

Make sacrifices; While embarking on your plan be ready to make sacrifices, that TGIF routine must be brought down a notch. True, you might lose a few friends here and there but ask yourself are they really your friends if the only thing that unites the squad is a heavy weekend drinking? Besides those friends are easy to replace, the next weekend you’re up for a drinking, there will be a random drunk at the bar who needs to santé before taking shots all you have to do is take up the designated snapper job! piece of cake:) 

Social media detox; Take time to detox from social media especially before bed. Turn all your devices off an hour before bed. This will help you sleep better and believe me, in order to execute any plan in life a good night sleep isn’t optional, that being said the pressure from social media is crazy, it literally makes you question your whole life. Now that negativity, you don’t need!

Set a timer for your goals and try to beat it every other time, this will keep you interested. Think of it like a video game; every time you finish a level, you’re super excited for the next right?

Now go get your 2017 goals in formation and don’t forget to keep me posted on the progress in the comment section.

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Beaucoup d’amour

Cissy Nansera

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