Weekend vices

My snapchat feed is loaded with heavy smoke, pop bottles, rare dance moves and Zappa on flames every weekend! Am not here to judge, just stating facts I mean if you’re going to dance with the devil, you must be able to look him in the eyes!Did you know that every time you smoke your cells are starved of oxygen? That should explain the dry dull looking skin the morning after.

See those dark circles around the eyes? That’s lack of vitamin C honey and don’t get me started on the alcohol drinking which leaves puffiness and redness as evidence and eventually wrinkles, bummer!

What sucks that most is the simple fact that even when we say we are going to stop, we never do! I call that the human factor lol. So guess what? I got you some hacks to get your body back to zen! Make sure you do this on a regular basis especially the morning after with or without a hangover. 

First of all, you need to stimulate your blood flow so it can flash in your face and give your skin the beauty glow, how you do this is by simply eating herbs like mint, rosemary and parsley, believe me these are good for you. Also it’s time to up your inversion game, I mean handstand, headstand, tripod you name it. Yes people I just don’t do it to look cool, thats just the second reason.

As you may already know, you need to hydrate don’t frown, I know that hate-love relationship with water but you can add some lemon to give it taste. Alternatively go for hydrating food, I mean fruits like pineapple, cucumber, watermelon [my favorite] strawberries and veggies like spinach, lettuce.
You should also take vitamin C supplements strictly organic or eat citrus fruits they’re vitamin C agents and don’t forget to eat the damn broccoli guys!!Did you get a husky voice from the pipe life? Start chewing ginger this very minute, not in tea or water or food chew it straight up you will thank me later.

Spoiler: stay away from any salty greasy food during the hangover period to be abit more specific, no more fries smother the craving. Tough love!
That being said, how was your weekend? What are the new cool places to hangout? Please let me know in the comment section 
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