Go for a run in your own shoes 

Hello beautiful people, happy new week! Today am sharing my tips on something that we all need in our lives; running. As you may know, in order for your achieve your fit body goals the 3 major key alerts are resistance training, cardio and nutrition . After delving about it, I realized running is quiet challenging for a lot of people so it’s not just me and honestly I found a little solace in that. Yes very challenging but believe me, the benefits are worth it:

First of all running is the cardio master, nothing takes care of the heart more than running, it literally reduces your chances of getting heart diseases. 

Also running strengthens your joints way faster than low impact exercises like swimming, spinning name it.

You know how tough it is to impact your biggest muscles, like you end up trying a different routine everyday so you can get your thigh gap goals in formation? Well running is the one routine you should focus on to work your legs which is where all the biggest body muscles are .

Intrigued? Well here are some tips to get you on the road already .

Before you go running, do a leg warm up, my favorite is a lunge package, click here for instructions on how to ace your lunges.

Also a good energy smoothie is a brilliant idea, you wanna go running with your sugar levels up, checkout my beets and mangoes recipe here, it’s amazing!

When running, always control your pace with the breathing, especially at the beginning. You don’t want to start super fast only to run for 5 minutes, take 2 short breaths through the noise and then a long exhale through the mouth, it will keep your pace grounded .

A good playlist goes a long way too, unless you’re the kind who loves to keep company with the mind like me then leave the music at home otherwise, Apple has cool playlists curated for running, super cool right? 

If you’re a gym fanatic you don’t need this tip but if you run outdoors like me, always be on the good side of the road, like run in the opposite direction of cars so they are facing you and not going the same direction as you.

Opt for less busy routes because the gases from the cars are not your friend especially when you’re using a lot of fuel at a go [calories]

Finally, a cute outfit is a major key, you wanna look lit on snapchat and the gram right? #thighgapinprogress.

Ps: Being a good runner takes time, don’t be so hard on yourself, just strive to do better than your previous run and eventually when you get accustomed to it, you can always increase your speed by sprinting for short distances then back to normal pace, sprint-normal sprint!

Go ahead, try it and let me know what you think, snap it to me @nanseracissy or scan the snap code widget here on the blog. Checkout my Facebook page too here .Also don’t forget to hit the subscribe button:) 

Beaucoup d’amour 

Cissy Nansera


3 thoughts on “Go for a run in your own shoes 

  1. Love this post, so inspirational! I absolutely detest running – I’m a big walker though, comes as part of my job of being a personal stylist and always being on the go + living in NYC. But I really enjoyed reading your tips – and they sound like so much fun – so I have to try to implement a few of them. Cute outfit is a must 😉


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