Hello beautiful people, today I bring to you my favorite smoothie recipe that you should all try like yesterday. This smoothie is a life saver especially on those mornings when you’re running late and have to skip the breakfast [which I strongly discourage, don’t skip breakfast but if you have to…..well]I literally fused my favorite fruit with my least favorite vegetable, yeah not a big fan of beetroot but anyway I found my way around tasting it, genius right? Believe me, am the I eat what I like type but I had major FOMO on the benefits of beetroot. 

Ladies if your time of the month lasts longer say more than 3 days, you’re losing a lot of blood and are likely to fall victim of anemia could be now or in the far future but not to worry, beetroot contains iron that treats anemia 

And if you’re lazy on cardio mornings, I suggest you have it, the natural sugar it contains will boost your energy levels and get you working on those ab goals instantly.

Yeah see why I have major FOMO? Oh and btw if you don’t eat mangoes as much as I do, you should jump on the wagon already the vitamin A improves your eyesight on top on clearing clogged pores and eliminating pimples. 

Eager enough? Well here is the recipe.

Peel and dice a whole beetroot and mango into the blender, add a spoonful of chia seeds and coconut milk, blender and sip. 

Caution: Don’t eat too much beetroot, too much sugar, yes even natural sugar isn’t good for your health, I suggest 1-3 times a week.

Please try it and let me know what you think also, share with me your recipes in the comment section I did like to try and for more of these, hit the subscribe button.

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Beaucoup d’amour,

Cissy Nansera


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