Best red carpet picks from Abrayans style and fashion awards [ASFAs]

Hello beautiful people,

Did you scream TGIF last Friday as much as I did? Well it was Uganda’s biggest red carpet event of the year of course I was excited.  Being a fashion blogger, I get inspiration from everywhere that includes other people and if anything gets them out of hiding all at once, it’s the Abraynz Style and fashion awards. Personally, that’s the biggest red carpet I have ever graced and having Uganda’s top fashionable people alI grace the same red carpet was amazing! I literally live for December in Uganda always fun packed. The red carpet was filled with stunning looks presented in unique styles and despite a few that committed fashion crimes, I got to say the fashion scene in Uganda is elevating at a quite impressive rate! Tough as it was, I managed to round up my 5 favorites looks from the night, scroll through for my choices and why. Don’t forget to let me know what you think in the comment section.

1-Actress Lucy smize’s suit by I don’t know who [please comment if you know] When I saw this look I right away soliloquized; hello red looking gorg! First I applaud you for branching away from the ubiquity of the gowns on the red carpet that was so cool, and opting for a bandeau underneath the suit gave a feminine touch to the whole look. This look was polished and definitely atop of my favorites!

2-Stylist Mwaji Ahmed’s immaculately tailored gown by Fatumah Asha. I was awed by this look, she looked delicate in white yet giving off a brazen statement. I love how she was unafraid to show lots of skin but she still did it like a pro, the impeccable edges of the silk tail couldn’t go unnoticed either and finishing off the look with a white clutch was a brilliant idea!

3-Desire Luzinda’s glamorous black gown by I don’t know who. Demure in hue, this gown was still dazzling thanks to the sequins and the other embellishments that topped the tulle fabric used. I loved how it accentuated her Kitone [body shape]. This gown further emphasized the power of black, believe it, black is the new black!

4-Fashion retailer Aron hilson’s look by Chuck: The matte silk fabric in grey gave off a clean look which is totally my style. I love the layering of this gown: a thigh high slit dress underneath a semi-full wrap with a décolletage neckline with shiny embellishments, this gown was subtly daring. It was a good choice to go jewelry free; the dress spoke volumes on its own. I didn’t find the shoe choice ideal but it kind of gave off a monochrome vibe which worked.

5-Lauma brand ambassador Sylvia Namutebi’s green mermaid dress by IDK. First of all, it’s December a month of everything shiny, vibrant, sparkly name it. Thank you Sylvia for the December theme, you totally got it right, honestly this gown really made me happy, tulle fused with metallic with floral details, pulled it off!

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Beaucoup d’amour


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