The wrap skirt

Hello beautiful people,
Today I just wanted to share with you this Feminine and powerful look. For starters, it’s safe to say that after a constant battle in my closet, I have finally chosen my favorite shoes of the year! Hint: they’re not high heels! Well go ahead and call me cliche but are we really going to pretend like boots haven’t yet earned a special place in our hearts? When comfy meets chic, it’s quite a powerful statement! I paired them with this wrap skirt which btw is the master piece of this ensemble, despite the controversy going on about it’s print, I like to call it a military print [feel free to share your thoughts on it too] I played a little mix and match by topping it with a delicate long-sleeved t-shirt baring a rather brazen message haha. For the accessories, I kept it minimal to give off a clean polished look. What do you think of this whole look? Let me know in the comment section

Skirt: H&M| Shoes: Woolworth| T-shirt: House ov Lukoma| Bag: Tinabrad clothing | sunglasses: Mr. Price
Photography: Emma, check him out on Facebook and Instagram  
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Beaucoup d’amour 


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