Yoga poses I swear by every morning

By now you may know how much I don’t really rely on makeup for daily beauty routines am more of fix it from the inside kind of girl but what you didn’t know is how I religiously practice yoga poses that benefit my face. Yeah that’s right, yoga is part of my beauty routine too. There is a lot I do for my natural face glow and am so spilling the beans, you deserve to know:) Wondering why my unending obsession with yoga, well my youthful face swears by it and today am very happy to share with you the yoga poses that give the face that lovely glow that quick fix [makeup] won’t on a Saturday morning after a major Friday night out. All these poses have many benefits but my focus today is their contribution to the youthful dewy glow, they all position your heart above the head which increases the blood flow to your face and brain and because they are challenging they make your heartbeat faster increasing the blood circulation throughout the body thus sweating out impurities. This is also an inexpensive trick for staying wrinkle free. So once in a while [every morning] before you wear the very expensive quick fix, build a firm foundation for your skin especially the face by practicing these yoga poses, personally I hold each for 1 minute but it takes time to get there or to even hold longer, the secret is to listen to your body and consistency. [This should be followed by your dry body brushing routine] Thank me later:) To elevate your yoga practice, you can sign up for a class with my favorite teachers Rosa Huang and Payal Gori
Child pose: If we are being honest, there is nothing much happening here but it’s the best way to relax and calm your whole body, it’s so comfy and also because I deserve it lol

Downward facing dog: Begin in child pose [on your elbows and knees] then stretch out your body and keep the upper body relaxed while pressing strongly into all 4 corners of your palms. While at it don’t forget to breathe
Head stand: This is by far my favorite yoga pose because of its impressive body positioning and a sudden reverse blood circulation. Here you use a lot of core muscle, I always start in downward facing dog then clasp the hands and place the head on the floor. Move the legs towards the head until you can’t move further and with full control send them up slowly, leading with deep inhales and exhales and much core strength.
Foward fold: They key here isn’t how close your face is to your knees but rather leading with your chin and having your legs straight, breathe…..
Crawl: For safety purposes, I suggest you start practicing your crawl with an experienced yogi, my first time I did it alone, my forehead hasn’t forgiven me up to date:( 

Have you tried them before? What was your experience like? Let me know in the comment section and don’t forget to check me out on Facebook and Instagram and my snap stories @nanseracissy

Beaucoup d’amour


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