Review about Xenson fashion xpression 

Last Thursday I finally witnessed the Xenson fashion xpression first hand, impressive work. Bravo to the three designers of the night, the collections were drool-worthy! Here is the thing about runway shows and why they excite me, you basically have 3-7 minutes to succinctly tell your story without word of mouth and interpretation is up to the audience, the challenge is how the audience interprets your story and how they can relate to it. For all my fashion purchases, this is always the helm, I rounded up three favorite picks from each of the collections showcased and here is why
Me_Ug’s resilience collection by Elizabeth Mbabazi.

There is a lot happening in this collection! Barkcloth fused with mesh, stretch and cotton, this collection is for the curious, those who are unafraid to push past the limits of banal dressing, very exciting! Bold statements of a mysterious woman were explicit, I love how the ensembles accentuate the body, so feminine! [For purchase:]

Brenda Maraka’s love and mathematics collection by Brenda Maraka.

This collection was all about elegance, power and a little fragility, so chic! Inspired by the bahima art and culture, it was very experimental: khaki fused with satin and a little lace here and there, these ensembles were so classy and delicate yet bold at the same time. The geometric shapes were so out of this world, talk about revolving fashion! This was definitely my favorite collection of the night. [For purchase visit the Website or email]
Xenson’s African gothic collection by Xenson.

Edgy, futuristic ensembles fused with Ugandan culture, what an interesting collection! If anything is taking over Uganda’s fashion runways, its barkcloth. This has been evident from Kampala fashion week where it dominated many of the collections and now at the Xenson fashion xpression! My favorite was the Gomesi cut-outs [a great symbol of my tribe’s female way of dressing] but with a contemporary touch of the modern day African. As a patriot, this makes me so proud what louder way to scream made in Uganda than this? This collection was very bold, powerful and oh yes a feminism manifesto. [for direct purchases, call +256700318863 or directly contact me here through the category contact]
Photography by Giulio Molfese

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Beaucoup d’amour



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