Sereneness at the Kipling lodge

After all the tumultuous action that happened at the polo classic, all I needed was some wonderfully relaxing time to connect with myself again. So I made my way to the Kipling lodge following good reviews from friends who have been there before. Located in Kangurumira, which is on the way to/from Kampala, this was so convenient! This place is picturesque which comes as no surprise given that it was inspired by the jungle book, but that’s just the icing on the cake. Upon arrival, I was welcomed with exquisite service and I immediately felt at home. The food is really good and unique, forget French fries, it’s not even a thing, the real deal is Belgian fries! After an amazing dinner, I enjoyed cozying up at the fire place, I was enamored with the fireplace setup super comfy! In fact it was just a matter of time before I transformed into sleeping beauty. In the morning, I woke up to a beautiful view of the flowing river Nile, oh did I mention it’s location is a stone’s throw from the river? Well yes! So close to the source that I heard the rapids from a distance which made the perfect meditation song, lucky for me, I always move with my yoga mat and this was the only reason I managed to get up from my beautifully handcrafted bed. After yet another amazing meal for breakfast, lazy mode kicked in fully: the sun shining in typical tropical style, it was time to bask by the pool which is btw kid friendly too. The tranquility of this place is rejuvenating, exactly my goal in the first place. Nice is an understatement of this boutique lodge! if you haven’t been yet, clear your schedule, pack light and make your way to the super cozy eco friendly Kipling lodge! You will thank me later:) 

For reservations and more inquiries click here

Beaucoup d’amour 


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