7 Favorite collections of Kampala fashion week

Kampala fashion week was all shades of chic! A diversity of inspiration was explicit from Kkoolo’s Japanese inspired ensembles to Catherine and sons’ athleisure collection. This season was action-packed with the fully revolving fashion industry in Africa. The Bantu knots hair style couldn’t go unnoticed, these girls were silently letting everyone know that they were straight outta Africa, and I think I speak for everyone when I say this ready-to-wear fashion week was a triumph! I rounded up my favorite collections, be sure to grab yourself something and also let me know what you think.

  1. Catherine and sons by Edward; This is my favorite collection this season and it’s with great pleasure to let you know that Athleisure is very alive! Don’t believe me? Check out these super dope loose fitting ensembles with sharp edges.img_5056
  2. NFKA by Olivia Nanfuka; Packed with floral details, subtle colors and showing some skin, this collection was the ultimate sophistication. Gallic chic!img_4973
  3. KKoolo by Buyi Kkoolo Philip; I love how this collection was inspired by the Japanese culture; a culture I personally adore and admire fused with my African culture. Kkoolo’s collection brought an assertive feeling of modestyimg_4975
  4. Jose Hendo by Jose Hendo; Dominated by bark cloth, this collection gave me nostalgic vibes of the African traditional society, Jose revamped the African way of dressing and now it’s something that once again has a place in our modern closets. What a bold and beautiful collection!img_5058
  5. TheKona by Bhavya Kalsi; This was a feminist manifesto, action packed with tom-boyish pieces, super chic yet comfortable foot wear, glamorous bags and edgy jewelry. I was awed by this collection!img_5060
  6. Isabella Isabeau by Isabella Asiimwe; If anything has become main stream, it’s the slinky satin slip formerly popular in only every woman’s night wear collection. I like the fact that we are now taking it to the streets and it’s a must-have in all our closets. Yes, Isabella just verified that! Her collection was very bold with a feminine feature of a mysterious girl!IMG_5071.JPG
  7. Turah by Turah; This collection is the epitome of comfort and confidence expressed through fashion. These spectacular free ensembles represent a sophisticated woman free from society’s conventional way of living. Turah’s collection was a fuse of boho chic and elegancyimg_4974

    Photography: Giulio Molfese

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Beaucoup d’amour


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