[The seed show] Kampala fashion Week

What an exciting weekend it is here in Kampala, 3 consecutive evenings with people brought together by one common interest, Fashion! So much creativity and all sorts of chic in one place, pretty awesome right? Kampala fashion week commenced yesterday with the seed show, sponsored by the US mission  to Uganda in partnership with KAS WEAR. This was the show I was most excited to watch because it’s an opportunity for upcoming designers to launch their careers in fashion and the theme this year was backcloth, an organic fabric from the ficus tree, a very traditional tree with a significant attachment to Uganda’s history. You’ve got to love fresh talent, their bravery, rollick and enthusiasm always brings something impressive to the table. I could go on and on because I can’t stop raving about the seed show but I rather you share your thoughts too in the comment section. In my opinion, these were the most iconic ensembles from the night and bravo to the winner, 17 year old Semanda Charles

Semanda Charles Brown


Nakato Susanimg_4950

Abaho Akiimg_4948

Ruth K Abooliimg_4947

Nabukenya Allenimg_4946

A moment with the man behind the project, Ras KasoziIMG_4841.JPG

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Photography by Photo4fashion and the Iphone

Beaucoup d’amour


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