White overload

Hello beautiful people,

This week, my favorite pick is the all-white. Initially I didn’t want it because it wasn’t by choice, it was an obligation for attending a friend’s birthday party and I thought it was cliché but when I started putting the ensemble together, it got interesting. With white, one small blunder and everything goes south, you must make sure it’s not overshadowing you or you it, you must balance it out for the pictures too so I had different shades of white that I had to blend to pull off a delicate effortless look. I must say it was quite adventurous, I love how the high waist jeans accentuate my body and the crop showing off a little skin [it never hurt nobody] I finished the look with golden accessories which brought a subtle strength on board. The embellished purse was my favorite detail of the whole look. This look was so comfortable and strongly feminine. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Let me know how you put your whites together in the comment section


Crop top: Mr. Price| High waist Jeans: Mr. Price | Shoes: JUSTFAB| purse: Atmosphere|

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Beaucoup d’amour


2 thoughts on “White overload

    1. I love boho style too, very soon am going to feature my personal boho go to pieces and how to initiate them to your already built style. Subscribe to the blog to get this first hand in your mail


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