Hello beautiful people,

am glad to present to you Korabhai designs, an African fashion line by May Akora and Anila Alibai, their work is impeccable! This brand is for the modern day African; I really like how they fuse African style with street style, no doubt they seek inspiration from all around the world. My favorite pieces were the pleated pants and a matching crop, comfort and sophistication fused in one. I also loved the African print tulle skirt and its matching crop showing some back, this flaunted my style the most, African-Gallic fuse I call it! My final pick was the bomber jacket, bomber jackets are everyone’s current obsession but there is something about this particular one, my love for crops is no secret and given that it’s in African print made me fall in love, my very own customized bomber!  I enjoyed every bit of this project, the way we carefully picked out and accessorized the ensembles, each one of them had a unique story it brought to life, you’ve got to love their creativity. Let me know what you think of the brand in the comment section


Their work is compelling, African style that screams chic.  Be sure to pick yourself a Korabhai!! Available on blog soon but for now, place your order directly here using the code #Nansera23 for a discount

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Beaucoup d’amour


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