The secret behind dry body brushing

Hello beautiful people, today am happy to share with you my first beauty tip on the blog.

I think I take more care of my dry body brush than I do for my foundation brush because dry body brushing is the most important beauty routine in my life. Yes I love makeup it’s exciting but to be honest, I prefer natural beauty routines to dolling up and it only takes 5 minutes of my day just before my morning shower. Every day the human body loses a lot of cells some it releases as dead skin. The body rids its self of these dead cells with the help of a very slow moving fluid called the lymph. This fluid relies on the movement of the muscles to circulate throughout the body. Question; are you active enough to have it evenly circulated and get to all parts including inactive ones during your workouts? If your answer is no like me, good news for you, dry body brushing will fix it. If am being honest, i think we all could use the dry body routine, 5 minutes every morning might seem too much but when you see the results, these 35 minutes a week are worth the investment.

Benefits of dry body brushing

  • It helps reduce toxins in the body by assisting the lymphatic system by stimulating the nerves under the skin
  • Do you like smooth bright skin? Moi aussi! Dry body brushing rids the skin of dead cells thus cell renewal
  • See that skin glow on the red carpet? It takes more than a good makeup artist to achieve it, dry body brushing exfoliates your skin and if done consistently, your skin is only bound to glow
  • It also abates lumpy fat deposits usually around the thighs and bum, yes ladies dry body brushing reduces cellulite


Requirements: A body brush with plant bristles. it could be cactus, vegetables or any good plant. (The bristles should be of plant because they don’t scratch the skin and exfoliate when dry) Got mine at Eve&Nico

Directions: Before taking a shower, start brushing your skin at the feet in gentle clockwise motions, work up the legs one at a time and thighs, then move up to the front(stomach, leave out the bosom ladies, the skin is too delicate) then the back, start from the top downwards to the lower back and finally  the arms. Start with the fingers and brush to the armpits. I usually finish the shower with cold water to fully awaken my system followed by applying coconut oil. It feels goodJ


  • Leave out the face, it’s too delicate for this rough party! I suggest you get a good exfoliator for the face[personally I use L’oreal]
  • If you get any kind of allergies, stop and seek for medical advice
  • Don’t brush open wounds


Have you tried body brushing before, what was your experience? Not yet? try it out and share your experience in the comment section.

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Beaucoup d’armour




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