Queen Of Katwe [Movie Premiere]

What an honor it was indeed to attend the movie premiere and after party of the long awaited queen of Katwe! It’s worth the wait people; this movie is courage, hope and patience. To think that someone made it out of that place alive and managed to get her life together is almost unbelievable! But then again, there she was the real life character Madina Nalwanga, a strong young woman who believed in the beauty of her dreams, there was a wave of bravery around her, you could feel it. I would very much want to spill the beans but what I saw is an experience everyone deserves to have first hand. Good thing the countdown is almost over, 7th October, make your way to the box office if you’re in Uganda and 2 weeks, thereafter it should be available to everyone around the world. But while you wait, feed your eyes with bits of how the premiere and after-party went down. Thank you Disney and Talent Africa for an awesome evening.


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Beaucoup d’amour



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