A bold statement for a lit BnW!

Hello beautiful people,

Sunday was so lit and I was all about bold statements! It’s the rainy season and as you may know, it gets super muddy in Kampala around this time of the year making dark colors a good choice and believe me, it never gets darker than black. I went for a super light mesh tulle skirt and a crop vest, was definitely playing it safe with the capricious weather in the city.  When going outdoors, a hut and sunglasses are major accessories for me; a little sunshine is good for your face, just a little. For the shoes, I decided to go super Greek in super comfortable gladiator sandals, I lean towards comfort a lot especially for outdoor events but mix it with a little drama and you got my favorite scene! I finished the look with a candy red cross bag and of course a red lip, it goes a long way always! I love this look so much, it’s bold, comfy and feminine!


Skirt: Urban Stylez|Crop vest: Bershka collection | Sunglasses and jewelry: Mr. Price | Hut and cross bag: TinaBrad clothing| Gladiator sandals: Migato|

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Beaucoup d’amour


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