Meditation, a beautiful thing!

It is often misunderstood as some difficult mysterious ritual practiced by isolated religions or something something something. Let me be clear, meditation has no religion, it belongs to everyone who has a mind and scientifically speaking, that’s the whole human race. It is relaxation and rejuvenation of the mind and body. It is being awake inside without being aware of anything but awareness itself. It relieves the mind from the task of thinking; you see your thoughts detached from your mind. Personally, this is the most important exercise; I cannot exercise my body without first taking care of my mind. The mind sets the intention, pace and motivation required for my entire fitness plan (I sometimes laugh so hard amidst a 7 minute plank because just as my arms are about to give up, my mind screams “come on, we didn’t come this far just to stop here” it’s energizing)

The beauty of meditation is that it can be done anywhere at any time. Forget the stereotype of sitting on a mat in prayer, you can do it anywhere; in your office, bed or even a restaurant, you just have to be in a comfortable but in an active position (there is a thin line between meditation and sleeping.)

Health wise meditation lowers high blood pressure, anxiety attacks, improves the immune system, and reduces tension headaches, muscle and joint pains, insomnia among others.

Mentally, it improves emotional stability, increases happiness, intuition develops, focus and most importantly, peace of the mind. With meditation you develop love, generosity, compassion, forgiveness and patience.

Personally, meditation saved me from taking anti-depressant pills, it taught me gratitude, and as you may know, happiness begins here:)

My favorite meditating tools are:  1  The Ujjayi breath/ocean breath (breathing only through your nose while constricting the muscles in the back of your throat) this helps prevent the mind from wandering off. For some people, the Ujjayi breath comes naturally but for others like me, it takes time, that’s okay!

2  Omvana, an app by MindValley. It played an important role in my novice stages and for that, am still attached to it. Available on App store and Google play.

How to meditate: Get in a comfortable position, shut your eyes and start with the breath. Remember, your back must be upright at all times, keeps you active and a seated position is ideal. With every exhale, relax your body starting with the crown of your head downwards upto your toes. As you deepen the inhalation, stomach comes out and draws back in towards your back bone with every exhalation. Putting a hand on your stomach to monitor the breath is among your options, I do so whenever I find trouble concentrating. Practice this for as long as you can, sometimes “can” is only 5 minutes and other times, it’s a whole hour. Either is okay.


Please do share your meditation experience with me in the comment section. “spread the light” Miranda Kerr

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