Nyege Nyege Festival 2016

Last weekend, all roads led to the source of the Nile for the long awaited 2nd edition of the biggest festival of the year: Nyege Nyege! What a memorable three days it was. This was my first time attending the festival, I started my count down late last year following my friends raving about the previous one and I must tell you, it was worth the wait! Underground music legends from all over Africa and beyond, good company, cocktails by the Nile and of course, the famous Ugandan rolex, couldn’t ask for more. img_3566img_3577img_3578img_3565img_3572img_3561img_3571img_3567img_3575img_3583img_3562

For my outfit details, go to Category; In my closet, I shall do a full disclose on them.

Those who missed, I hope you enjoy the pictures the most and start on the count down for next year! #NyegeNyege #RespectTheUrge


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