Hello beautiful people,

I have been meaning to share this for quite some time but for some reason am unaware of; I had never brought myself to doing it not until today. This is my acceptance and love expression to this new high tech world that we live in.

I will be the first to admit, I love my iphone 7, it might not be an X… yet, but I love what it does and before you judge me for being over consumed by it, I will have you know that I do my best to control how much time I spend on it although there have been some silent moments during conversations with people and my phone is held responsible for like 90% of the few times this happens.

That being said, my phone has lots of pluses in easing my day to day life including the usual instagram inspiration and snapchat humor, if you know you know.

Anyway here are my top 5 apps that are like super helpful, hint: not instagram and snapchat [but those are my favorite for indulgence]

 Down dog app: It’s no secret I live, breathe, love yoga and this app comes in super handy! It has made its way to my most used apps in a split second and has really upped my yoga performance in a period of one month [50 hours.] it has a free version, can function offline, has clear instructions and that’s not even the best part, it has options to boost any body part and you set it to any duration you want as long as it’s between 20 to 110 minutes.

Health: This is literally the only way I can track my period, remember my blood group, not to mention other medical reasons but my fav is keeping track of my daily steps, sometimes they’re as low as 400 but hey that’s some major motivation right there, no?

Notes: As of 2018, I made a decision to be friendlier to the environment, in any way possible.  We can all do more for the environment even without money like stop with the disposable straws, use social media to create awareness for animals and stop with unnecessary use of paper. Thank God for notes because am definitely a list kind of person. In order for me to do something, it has to first make it to my typed to do list and this is the app, tbh, it keeps my blog and life organized and is it weird that I get a little satisfaction from erasing a finished errand and jump around when I make it to zero?

Calendar: Maybe am under average or something but I can’t seem to figure out how to use the reminder app, somebody please do teach me for am all ears! In the mean time, my calendar is a huge life saver for staying on top of all my appointments, events, you name it! I love that even when I receive an invitation, my calendar automatically reminds me. Wait, plot twist is if it works with the reminder app to pull this off, OMG! IDK you think?

Clock: First of all, I have tried with watches but I can’t seem to keep them working for more than a month, some guy said its probably my blood that has an issue [he wasn’t joking] but whatever I have my iphone and its fringe benefit the clock. I have alarms set for 0805h, 0810h, hell I even have 1637h for when I need to take an extra 2 minutes to collect myself before leaving the pool, yah kno… Life!

Do you have any favorite apps that ease your life? Please share, I would love to know. Also checkout my Snapchat   and Instagram stories for some fitness inspiration, neverous breakdowns and dog filters, I love those!

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Beaucoup d’amour

Nansera cissy




I go by the name Nansera Cissy and ethereal outlook is a mirror image of who I am; a tropical born living by the 80/20 rule. Am passionate about fitness and nutrition [thanks Dad] lover of a good bikini and always down for a spicy margarita any given weekend.

January 20, 2018