Hello beautiful people, today am all about self love.

It’s the third week of the year and so far so good, right? I have read as many positive quotes encouraging the practice of self love as I have seen many hash tags on sumptuous posts preaching self love both of which are not wrong but the sumptuous posts seem out of reach for most or should I speak for myself? Lol

Truth is, self love has nothing to do with sumptuous living; it’s such a personal practice that you don’t need anyone or anything but yourself to achieve it. It’s simply choosing yourself first, not compromising your goals just so others can feel comfortable around you, its choosing your genuine happiness, taking better care of your body, accepting who you’re and staying true to yourself. The materials possessions are bonus and in some case simply destruction from personal battles.

Now after reading the previous paragraph, do you practice self love in its true form? If yes, please move along, this post isn’t for you but if not, here are some ideas to get your started on this journey. Drink less alcohol, like the message on most bottles of alcohol, excessive consumption of alcohol is harmful to your health. Now am not saying quit drinking altogether, God knows I love my spicy margaritas but just bring it down a notch. I for one play by the 80/20 rule, the 80 is spot on discipline and the 20 is for indulgence. #Balance

  Get your beauty sleep; it’s called beauty sleep for a reason, let your mind get well rested, it will perform better, your eyes too need to stay eye bag free without taking masks/cucumber shortcuts. This is pretty much my favorite self love practice, just like a lot of people, I love the sunrise and I try to watch it every day, it is a promise of a beautiful day and the only way I can do that is by “early to bed early to rise.”  Workout, this is my number one stress reliever and it has never failed me. Doing exercises is legit beneficial to your whole existence; body, mind and soul. For the body, it keeps you fit and gives a self esteem boost, for the mind, keeps it active and stress free, a happy body and mind is home to a happy soul, that’s my theory. Find a workout that you love and let it keep your soul happy

Take time to keep company with your mind, every now and then, you are allowed to switch off and just talk to only yourself, see only yourself or be the center of your attention or solely consider  what’s on your mind without outside interruption. My favorite way of being mindful is meditation but if this is not your vibe, walking is good plus it gets in those extra steps.

Stay away from toxic people. If the company you keep is toxic, you’re too old for that, and regardless of how young you’re. You might think you’re all the positive energy you need in your life, which is true and you can sprinkle that vibe everywhere, which is good but please don’t keep toxic company, misery loves company, like minded people, birds of the same feather.. So many quotes that wave a red flag about toxic people. Of course be kind to them but keep them at arm’s length, they’re like a cancer; you don’t need that contaminating your positive vibes.

I hope these five tips aid the making of a strong self love game for you and  the next time you see luxury, sumptuous posts captioned self love, don’t feel like you’re incapable of it, you’re all you need.

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Beaucoup d’amour,

Nansera Cissy






I go by the name Nansera Cissy and ethereal outlook is a mirror image of who I am; a tropical born living by the 80/20 rule. Am passionate about fitness and nutrition [thanks Dad] lover of a good bikini and always down for a spicy margarita any given weekend.

January 14, 2018