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First things first, going on safari is always a brilliant idea, probably the best as long as you keep in mind that you’re nothing but a house guest to the wilderness, so you meet its needs and not the other way round. A few weeks ago, I went to Murchison falls national park courtesy of Humura trips and I had one of my best travel experiences ever! Have you ever stood higher than a rainbow that’s about a meter below from you? Well I did, it was such a surreal moment that I didn’t get clear shots of it but my God, I almost teared, Uganda is beautiful, a gem for sure and if you haven’t visited yet, pack light and come down already but, bring along the following otherwise you will take back unwanted proof that might result into hospital bills and more, am living proof..

  1. A hat and sun screen, the scorching sun is too real!
  2. Hiking boots, these are rough grounds, Jimmy choo, will be such a waste, go get yourself some legit hiking boots from BATA
  3. Repellent, this is a must wear at all times, the bug bites are severe and so painful you will yelp!
  4. Have a back pack, obvs!
  5. Snacks because why not?

While in the park, be mindful and respectful of the signs, it’s for both your own safety and the reservation of the nature and even though you might not see any harm in slightly going against the rules, in the long run, the effects will show, don’t let your actions deprive future generations from the experience.

Also, don’t litter and keep in mind that the animals have right of way ESPECIALLY the elephants, they will not think twice before charging at your car and boy is it scary! But seriously, you must respect this because worst case scenario, you end up killing an animal, which is very sad and unacceptable on all levels!

Have you been on safari before? Please share your experience in the comment section and if you want to go on one, call up Humura tours on +256 705 066 008 or checkout their facebook page here

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