This video was inspired by all the people who reach out to me saying they go to the gym but see no results. Are you doing it right? Here is a simple leg and butt toning workout routine to guide you while at the gym. In the beginning 5 reps of each exercise are good for the first week then increase by 5 reps every other week. I recommend you do this leg and butt toning routine 4 times a week if your alternative exercise is just running but if you’re doing something like yoga that involves a lot of leg exercises, then you can do this routine like twice a week just to spice things up.


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Nansera Cissy




I go by the name Nansera Cissy and ethereal outlook is a mirror image of who I am; a tropical born living by the 80/20 rule. Am passionate about fitness and nutrition [thanks Dad] lover of a good bikini and always down for a spicy margarita any given weekend.

November 19, 2017