Hello beautiful people,

today’s video is quite special as it is the first video on request, I love engaging with you guys so anything I do as a result of what you requested means so much more to me!

In this video I am sharing my every day yoga sequence for warming up, I developed it from the different sequences that my teachers usually teacher during the group practices.

In the beginning I never thought I would be able to do yoga on my own, ever! Until I met Rosa, she is always encouraging all of us her students to try practicing home alone which I find very authentic because everyone has their own different relationship with yoga.

DISCLAIMER: Am not a yoga teacher, just a human obsessed with this beautiful practice and sharing my obsession with the world.

Contact details for my 3 yogis:

Rosa Huang: +256 785 613 877

Alex Ochom: +256 774 113 392

Payal Gori: +256 750 715 100

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Location: Pearl of Africa hotel

Beaucoup d’amour

Nansera Cissy



I go by the name Nansera Cissy and ethereal outlook is a mirror image of who I am; a tropical born living by the 80/20 rule. Am passionate about fitness and nutrition [thanks Dad] lover of a good bikini and always down for a spicy margarita any given weekend.