How to do a push up

Hello beautiful people,

Pushups are one of my go to exercises for arm strengthening but they are pretty much an all rounder, core, quads, back you name it! Per request from Joan in the ethereal outlook group on facebook, here is a tutorial on how to get your pushup groove…


Hello beautiful people,how do you handle fear?

Last week I had an interesting conversation about fear that pretty much inspired today’s blogpost. Is fear something one should be embarrassed of and be quite about? I don’t think so, am actually in full support of talking about your fears, there is…

Avocado and papaya blend

Hello beautiful people,

try out this yummy, plant based fat smoothie recipe, I had it on Friday for breakfast and didn’t think about food up until about 4:00pm crazy right!

Prep time: 5 minutes


1 Avocado

2 slices of papaya

1 tsp flax seeds

1 tsp roasted pumpkin seeds

50 ml water

Black pepper

Dry raisins


Blend avocado, papaya,…

The 80/20 rule, am all for it!

Hello beautiful people,

Many times I go out for drinks with people and they’re shocked that I drink alcohol, eat steak among other things, I find their reaction funny for sure but I get where they’re coming from, I mean, have you seen my instagram! One time this dude actually…

Avocado on spelt bread

Hello beautiful people, hope you love avocado as much as I do,

today am sharing this 2 minute avocado recipe, if you follow along on  Snapchat   and Instagram stories , you know I love a ripe avocado any day any time. How I came up with it? Just woke this morning feeling super…

Self love, do you do you right?

Hello beautiful people, today am all about self love.

It’s the third week of the year and so far so good, right? I have read as many positive quotes encouraging the practice of self love as I have seen many hash tags on sumptuous posts preaching self love both of…