Pineapple strawberry Popsicle

Okay if you live in the tropics, you know a Popsicle is life; nothing makes our year long sunshine feel better on our skins than ice on a stick right? My favorite being with pineapples. Here is a vegan yummy healthy Popsicle for you to try, I can’t get…

Tropical smoothie with an exotic spice

For the love of tropical fruit and a little bit, just a little exotic spice, here is a yummy colorful smoothie for you to try. Enjoy!

Prep time: 5 minutes


2 kiwi

3 passion fruit
½ medium sized mango
1tsp chia seeds
1tsp flax seeds
500 ml water

Directions: blend all…

Sweet potato sandwich

Sweet potatoes have always been a favorite way from childhood, my mama always made them with fish and I remember being very helpful in the kitchen on days when she was making that for lunch. As an adult, am so obsessed with fish especially Nile perch and now even…

My skincare routine

Hello beautiful people, let’s talk about skincare! When it comes to matters of this organ, am all about nourishing/revitalizing from the inside, yeah am one of those you’re what you put in your body but it goes without doubt that for skincare, if you put in effort from the…

Being extra with diced papaya

Hello beautiful people, let’s talk papaya

Leave it up to me to be extra even with just a simple bowl of papaya, I will at least add a super food because why not take in as much nutrients as possible..  Also it looks better on the gram lol see my…

Mango beetroot blend

Hello beautiful people, for the love of mango fruit

Here is a smoothie recipe I had this Valentine’s Day and I got to say it was awesome! If you know me well, you know I love mangoes whether raw with salt or ripe and juicy, I almost eat everything…

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